There is Some Thing Special… being Anil Kumble (Hats off Jumbo!!!)

Believe me or not , but from the time  I was planning to write my blogs, one thing about which I  was quite sure that I will definitely never write about Cricket and Movies ( Actually when it comes to conversation on Movies or Cricket , I never feel myself very far behind Mayank Shekhar or Harsha Bhogle  J) .

I tried to think about many things in past but this rotten mind didn’t get any idea (May be the fact is that other than movies and cricket this fellow don’t even know what’s going on in the world or may be Actually in cricket my expertise is similar to Mayank Shekhar and in Movies actually it is similar to Harsha BhogleJ).

So from the very first blog I am changing the rule of the game where I am the only player, Spectator and the umpire and what a better way to change the unrevealed rule by writing about Anil Kumble, unquestionably the greatest match winner India ever had produced when it comes to Test cricket (I can do a long discussion on that, Kumble was definitely the bigger match winner than Gavaskar, Kapil or even Tendulkar).


Yesterday was very emotional day for Indian cricket fans as Anil Kumble, took the decision that now it is time to sign off from the cricket field and pass the baton to the younger GEN X of team India .Every one know that he was a fighter through out his cricketing career but the picture which will remain in my mind of Anil Kumble for ever , is the broken Jaw of Kumble during Antigua test where he bowled with the broken jaw and also got the wicket of one time cricketing Great Brian Lara.



This shows the way Kumble played the game of Cricket. The discipline and determination remains the same from the very first wicket to the last wicket he took (He run to mid wicket and catch the ball with his injured hand on his own bowling).


Another point which I want to add that during 2001-03 it was obvious that he was the second choice spinner for team India after Harbhajan and he will going to retire more or less very soon. But this invincible fighter turns the table by continuing for the next 5 years, getting wickets from 300 to 619 in test cricket and also silent his critics who always compare his overseas performance with Indian sub continent performance.


One thing I also want to add is that I don’t remember that in Indian Cricket some one gets retired as a CAPTAIN and for such a cricket loving country where  Prime minister’s job is only much tougher than leading the Indian cricket team’s Job it is also a remarkable feat. Also I don’t think it is going to be repeat in the near future. Also the farewell he got after the Delhi match was awesome and will remain in the mind of lakhs of Cricket follower.


Hats off to you Kumble and have an equally wonderful life ahead.


*** – I really don’t want to write about Movies also but can’t resistJ. On the birthday of Shahrukh Khan Yash Raj Films gave a special birthday gift to Shah Rukh Khan. The first promo of King Khan’s upcoming film “Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi” unveiled before its music release and I must say December is going to put Bollywood on fire with Aamir Khan’s “Ghajini” hitting the screen on 25th Dec and Shahrukh Coming on with his sheer simplicity reminding me of his early movies like “Phir Bhi Dil HainHindistani”, “Yes Boss”, “Chalte Chalte” coming on 12th Dec. But for Both the movies “Jara Sabar to kar mere yaar ……Haule Haule ho jayega pyaar………. (Song from “Rab ne Bana Di Jodi”)


7 thoughts on “There is Some Thing Special… being Anil Kumble (Hats off Jumbo!!!)

  1. Bhaskar

    This is simply great. And if added few more paras than even I donot mind reading that also.. 🙂

    And donot mention that u donot want to write for movies. Come on yaar… I will be looking forward to read the reviews of the up coming movies before they release (so that my bugs gets saved :-))on ur blog instead of making my self lost in the webs of google



  2. Bhaskar,

    It was awesome, I really liked your blog. So now onwards I do not need to go to any movie critics website, hope I will get on your blog. I am not interested in remembering player records, but I understood it was sad for Indian cricket… 😦


  3. Bhaskar and movies are an inseparable part :). And today when I heard Bhaskar telling that he won’t be writing about movies I was puzzled..and lo..soon came his post on Shah rukh at the end of the blog :).
    So Bhaskar keep on writing about movies so that I can spend my money on something reasonable…
    Anyways it was a great thing to read. keep it up


  4. I was expecting something else.And I must say that would be a super hit like mayank shekhar in movies and like harsha bhogle in cricket.


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