We…… The (Professional) People

Hi Manav,


Thanks for Ur mail and sorry for late reply. U inquired whether we can share our experience about the life we are living now against the student life we already lived.

I would love to share some of my experiences after college days with you as these days are extremely wonderful. Actually I am so much enjoying my time here that didn’t get time to reply back to mail of dear ones (Business User and clients are the first priority these days). But buddy, this is not my fault.  U must have the idea of the word “Follow Up “, after all u are also part of this professional world, so here u didn’t do the follow-ups properly J .

In College days we spoil our sweet dreams to face the lectures of Sharma Sir and that too at 7 in the morning. But now a days I have the luxury to sleep till 12 in the noon (Becoz my office hour starts around 2 PM) .So what, if I remains in the office till the time half of the India has already seen a dream for the night. I am happy, really I mean it. After all it’s our job brother and didn’t we roam around the hostels late nights and sleep only after 2 AM?

Also attending classes were a huge problem those days .If u remember we discussed so many time that how the minimum attendance for every subject should be reduced from 75% to 50% and but here we get lot of leaves . It is one more than the largest single digit number (10!!!!!, too much no?). And to avail these 10 leaves we get the opportunity to act like a beggar of Siddhi Vinayak Temple in front of our supervisor, we can be the next Bollywood superstar. Also in college it was our juvenile decision that when to go home, but here in the professional world our supervisor decides on when we are going to get married and which sisters’/brothers’/friends’ wedding we are going to attend, after all he has more experience than us and we are not supposed to behave unprofessionally by putting family before project.

Remember, in college times we used to watch each and every movie irrespective of their box-office faith, that too from pirated CDs (Watching movie from Pirated CD is crime similar to promoting/financing Terrorism). How much time consuming that was? But now we are professionals and can’t waste our time. So first we visit all the print and electronic media for the movie review and then go according to the ratings. After all Critics are doing their job only for us. So what if we wanted to watch some movies irrespective to their rating. We should not go by our instinct and always follow what Critics recommends for us. After all Critics are also professionals and we must respect another professional, rite?

Last night I and Shayam were discussing the same thing. He told me that how he bunked most of the classes just to see Sachin’s batting or India’s match during college days. Again a waste of time .Now the live Score is a SMS away.  And live matches…..no need dear….. ultimately all we want to know is the final result. Isn’t it? It doesn’t matter how Sachin hits the six or how Sree Sanath took the Catch of Misbah in T-20 finals. The thing which matters most is that we can keep track of the proceedings in internet or on mobile. Also there are many heart attack cases due to live matches so better avoid it and use that time for our professional GROOMING. Nice thought, isn’t it?

Manav, I feel that now we have some bank balance and now we are not dependent on our parents any more(another celebration point), yes the dependence on credit cards increased but greater the number of credit cards u have ,the more successful u are .

I think I forget to inform u that Tejas is in hospital for the last 3 days due to minor road accident and due to fracture in legs he may remain on the bed for the next 3 months.Imagine I was in college then I would definitely go every day to see him but would it do a favour to him? I don’t think so… He can’t stand on his legs once I visit him. Also there can be lot of disturbance to the patience as well as the hospital staff so as I am a professional now, more mature now so I didn’t go to meet him but I just sent him a SMS …GET WELL SOON J . What can I do more than that after all I am not a doctor?

In college when I was good for nothing I used to go home every 3rd months without any special occasions (wastage of money and time). Now when my parents are getting older I talk to them more frequently on phone and if required we can have a voice chat or video conferencing so what is the need of going home? The technology is so much evolved that I am just a call away now from my parents.

Vishal will also agree with me. During college days his parents pressurized him to study well but now there is no pressure. He is free like a bird, No one asks to him about his further study plan, cool no? Only Some times his parents just inform him that some of their colleagues’ son or daughter is going aboard or getting a salary twice that of Vishal. Believe me it is not pressure just a general knowledge.

I talked with Riddhi on Sunday and she is also very happy after coming out of college .She told me that in college many boys proposed her but she can’t decide because she liked someone’s Charm, someone’s intelligence, some one’s look or someone’s style and can’t prioritize her choice. She told me that in college she was very confused. Last I heard that Ayush and Ayaaz both proposed her some days back and she choose Ayaaz over Ayush becoz Ayaaz has a better job profile and all ready gone for Onsite assignment thrice. So seems that this professional life is great for her also.

U remember Vidhya and Sanjit? The love birds of our batch. Even they are very happy these days. Actually during college times they tried very hard to impress each other. U remember?, Half of the day of Sanjit goes in front of mirror and doing every things to impress Vidhya but now both are in two different cities far apart and doing good in their respective careers  so now no need to do any thing for each other. They just make sure to call each other daily (If they got time from their respective projects) and life is going smooth for them.


So Manav, what I feel is every one is happy in their jobs and the professional life  much more than the College life. We all professional people are enjoying every bit of our life.


Sorry for the long mail but this is also the effect of the job. We do nothing but send the status report as long as we can.



Ram Chandra


*** – Sorry for such a long Blog but again can’t help. Please bear with me I will definitely try to be concise for the next time. The latest update is that after the Nagpur test Sourav Ganguly is going to get retired and I will try to curb my temptation to write about him.  Definitely my loss, but also it is not easy to write about some one of his caliber and his contribution to Indian cricket is immense.Also watch out for the songs from the movie “Oye Lucky , Lucky Oye “ , the promos seems to be quite decent and songs are good too. This is the second outing of director Dibakar Banarjee after “Khosla ka Ghosla” and that too with very different deol “Abhay Deol” so looking forward to this movie. Music of Shahrukh starrer “Rab ne Bana Di Jodi “is releaseing on 5th Nov and we may expect some magical songs as its promo. Also just show the promo of new song of “Dostana” that is “Maa da Ladla bigaad gya” , i must say tooooo good.John and Abhishek is going to be the next hottest bollywood pair.


5 thoughts on “We…… The (Professional) People

  1. Wow!!
    real professionalism!I too think the same even though i dont know much of the qualified professionals above but seems that everyone is really busy in their professional world and enjoying .

    I never kept my attendance above 35%(really thankful to lab incharge afterall it was just a matter of two Pauuas) but here in my career of one year i have taken leave only for 9 days.What a commitment!

    while smoking Marlboro lights on the top floor of my office building when i see some “cutting chai” dhaba where u can find only gold flake small, i wonder how people are smoking such a waste cigarate.Though i used to do the same in college and frankly speaking it was all because my dad never sent me money for cigarate.But now when i can buy whatever i want those “chai and small” are far apart.I cant go there even-Agar kisi ne dekh liya to kya hoga?

    When I see a college going gang i try to convince my inner side that dont worry “happy days will back again”

    but when???????????
    A big question like my career!!!


  2. Great Bhaskar,

    College ke dino ki yaad aa gayi.
    Wo ciggrette ke paise nahi hote to bidi peena.
    Dil ke taaron ke ched diya bhai tune.
    keep it up.
    I want to read some more from your side.

    Sandeep yadav


  3. A well narrated account of your experiences, and comparisons from college life. Good sarcasm. More or less we all have similar tales to tell……….


  4. there’s nothing for me to say Bhaskar…
    ur blog and the accompanying comments made me realise that I am not the only one suffering from this “question mark” but we all are…
    don’t know…may be someday we will become like our supervisors ansd this “?” will vanish from our heads and we will stop thinking and imagining…only money,work and professionalism would drive us,isn’t it??


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