It happens only in America…..

“If America suffers from Cold ,the whole world start shivering”


If we wonder why America is the most powerful nation of the world now we definitely got the answer. Late night on 4th Nov 08, American public choose Barack Hussein Obama [for CHANGE] as their next president, the first ever “BLACK” president in the history of America. This CHANGE in America means a lot to Americans as well as to the World. The Country having a past of Slavery system till Abraham Lincoln (Who even killed by White fanatics) and also suffered due to Civil right movement till late sixties in last century, the emergence of a leader from an Afro-American Community as a president of USA is simply a prodigy .


Obama is from one of the deprived communities of USA and when the racism still exists in the world [All these “monkey gate” issue in cricket and Jade Goody’s remark on Shilpa Shetty in the reality show ‘Bigg Brother’ confirms the fact] his majority of supporters are white, who understand the fact that only ability matters not ur Color and caste.



The above image is where millions of peoples were waiting for the result. They danced, laughed and even cried with joy after the verdict came out.


When in India last time we experience (Except in case of India wins in Cricket or some Bollywood stars’ show) such thing like this after election results. Yes we see lots of fire crackers and noise but only from Party members and not from common man.

The thing which separates Obama from most of our so called great leaders of down to den (Read Minority) in India is that he never used his skin color or his muslin middle name during campaign(Some times his adversaries remind peoples about that) . Through out the campaign he always came with agenda for betterment of America.

Also when is the last time in India we saw a person going to such an extreme heights by his own, without any backing from some popular dynasty or some popular Big bosses (Believe me , there are lots of Big Bosses in India).

Many Indians are circumspect due to his stand on Kashmir and especially on Outsourcing . There is a possibilty that business of IT companies might get affected but if in India Peoples from one place beat the people from other part of India ,as they are abating their job Opportunity then what is wrong from Obama if he wants to make sure more jobs opportunity to be created or reserved for Americans. Also I strongly feel that India is not a baby who needs someone support to walk in the path of development. The baby is already grown and it can run faster than the expectation and that too without someone’s assistance and also this baby can help some one to stand on their own.


May be I am wrong by looking the win of Obama as a victory of triumph of human race. Is it a simple victory of Democrats over Republicans or a victory of ability and equality over racism and inequality? Only time will tell.

But at this time I feel very privileged to live in the era of this historic CHANGE.

CHANGE has come to America and my gut feeling is saying that it is coming to India and other parts of world Soon.


*** There is not a liberal America and a conservative America – there is the United States of America. There is not a black America and a white America and latino America and asian America – there’s the United States of America.

                                                                                                      Barack Obama


I wish in India too some times down the line a leader ma y emerges, for whom it is not about some particular part or Caste of India but about the India United. 


*** – Some PJs on Obama

§  Aamir’s Ghajini look is inspired by no other than Barack Obama. Find the similarly between Hair style of Aamir Khan in Tata Sky ad and Barack Obama.

§  Subhash Ghai is going to direct sequel of his movie “Black and White”. This time its name is “BLACK in white (White House, The official resident of US President).


*** – A new page added to the blog. Details about upcoming posts will be there. Thank God …no Cricket or movies this time. Wait !!! Celebration time for us, Sachin scored his 40th Ton in test cricket.Yahoooooooooooo!!!!!!!



4 thoughts on “It happens only in America…..

  1. Bhaskar
    I believe that, Barack Obama slogan for the “Change can happen” will not only be a revolution in USA but in many parts of the World. But reserving the job or giving priority to them will be showing the World that Barack Obama government don’t want the change happen on the skills competition.

    Sandeep Kumar


  2. Great dear as expected, ur blog dealing in current affairs in different manners that ur fans like that way.So THE WHOLE WORLD IS LOOKIN FOR BARAK OBAMAS UPCOMIN STEPS VERY EAGERLY THAT GOIN TO CHANGE THE CURRENT MR. BHASKAR i M ur great admirer,lookin forward for ur Blog on HASINI?


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