We lost two, we won two…..

So an intriguing and well fought test series between India and Australia came to an end with India clinched the Border-Gavaskar Trophy by 2-0 .The difference was similar to what Sehwag predicted before the start of the series(His prediction was that India will win the series by 3-1) . But the series was not as one sided as it seems from the final results. Australians were always on the hunt and it was India who always maintains to keep themselves out of Kangaroos reach and that too by a big margin.

More than Series conquests this series was also the last series for two of the greatest servant of Indian Cricket Anil Kumble and Sourav Ganguly. If Kumble was the greatest match winner for Indian test team and his “Perfect 10” was a record which can’t be broken and every bowlers can only dream of equaling the record then Ganguly was the real “Maharaj” of team India who build his own army to face the challenges of World. It was in his captaincy when India started breaking the jinx of winning matches in overseas (Forget overseas, When India won the test against Bangladesh in 2000 under Ganguly’s Captaincy it was their first win in 13 yrs in any foreign soil). These Days Team India is singing the mantra of Youth, it was ganguly he actually started it. If he found talent in someone, he fought for that player till the very end. Yuvraj Singh and Harbhajan Singh are the two better examples, who are servicing the country for such a long time now only because of the faith of “Dada “in them. Many will not agree but it was during the captaincy of Sourav Ganguly that Rahul Dravid re-discovered his game of Cricket.

The aggression and never say die attitude of the team about which, we are talking these days are largely due to Ganguly. No one can forget his swinging his shirt in air during Natwest Finals. This shows the aggression and passion with which Ganguly played the game of cricket.

Ganguly as a bowler was always called as a “Man with the golden arm” and many a time his bowling who did the trick for team India. About his batting once Rahul dravid told that “In off side there is God and then only Sourav Ganguly”.Really his silican touch through off –side was a treat to watch. Also when ever he stepped out to spinner for a towering six that too with such a ease that it seems that he was doing the practicals for projectile motion.

Above his so many runs in test and one dayers and a high career batting average the thing which demarcate him from other greats was the way he made the comeback in team India and proved that still huge amount of cricket left in him.  You can’t score a maiden double century that too from the time when two year back even ads started coming. “Main Sourabh Ganguly, Bhule to nahi? Unless you are not a fighter. There is a saying “Fighter hamesha jeet taa hain “and Ganguly proved it well.

Watching these players say goodbye to the game has its share of sentimental as well as philosophical importance, when it comes to me. I grew up watching them play, I messed up many exams to watch them on the TV screen, I danced when they won, sometimes did cry when they lost and there are millions like me…Just goes to show that nothing is permanent, even the best comes to an end, careers end,eras end. We become really really emotional (as I am now) and then we move ahead…but then. THERE ARE VOIDS WHICH WILL NEVER BE FILLED, LEGENDS  WILL ALWAYS REMAIN UNPARALLELED.


*** – Today while surfing different sites, I read many music reviews of the movie “Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi “and most of the reviews are disappointing. Some times to post the review of such a big movie as early as they can, the music reviewer make mistakes. Last night I downloaded the whole album and yes for the first time the music seems to be quiet ok type only but after listening it thrice now I am enjoying the songs. Specially want to mention song named “phir milenge chalte chalte “. The lyrics of the song is from the songs of popular older movies and it may be one of the high point of the movie.Last time also reviewers gave thumbs down to the songs of “Rock On “ and after movie hit the big screen and people liked it one particular website re-reviewed the songs with 4.5 rating this time. So don’t go with any reviewer not even mine .Go by your INSTINCT.


*** – I always love to spoil suspense and thriller of any situation and when it come to movies I am really a Devil :-).

Great minds always find positives from their failure and it seems is true for Aditya Chopra too.Madhuri Dixit’s Come back movie “Aaja Nachle” Bombed ,big times. The flop assured Adi Chopra that most of the people didn’t watch the movie so why don’t get the story out of a subplot of “Aaja Nachle ” .Nice Thought No?….

So, no work on the Script yet again and again a thin line story (These days it is a trademark of YashRaj Productions).

Aditya Chopra has lifted the story of his upcoming release “Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi” from a sub track of “Aaja Nachle”, where Vinay Pathak redeems himself through theatre and finds his wife’s respect and Love. The plot of “Rab Ne Bana Dii Jodi ” could well be the similar one.SRK a bonehead and married with a much younger woman. He has a small time job and lives an ordinary life, but his nubile wife wants some action in her life, some enthusiasm and a break from this normal routine. Then comes the dance portion. There is a dance contest titled “Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi” being aired [Nach Baliye/ Aaja Mahi Vee types] and his wife wants to take part in it. SRK overhears this small wish of hers and realises that he has kind of tied down her life and feels he should try and fulfil her wishes. Yeah, enter SRK genX with hairs all gelled and tight t-shirt. How he enters the scene and the contest with her is to be watched out. He pairs-up with her and probably goes on to win the contest. Even if they don’t win the contest, he definitely wins her over in the last reel of the movie when she realises that he is her good-old-hubby.  [Courtesy -: Star News]


5 thoughts on “We lost two, we won two…..

  1. Bhaskar Bhai,

    Tell me one thing have u got some assignment of Promoting Rab Ne….Every blog has something related to this. Yaar Ghajini me kuch likho naa.
    and i want to know how many exams u messed up due to matches.



  2. We might see his silican cover drives and huge sixes during IPL.
    Yaar critics are right songs of SRK’s movie is too bad this time 🙂


  3. YEAH, Indian cricket will really miss these TWO LEGEND. but for our consolation thanx to MR.Lalit modi we might see my favourite off sides shots frm dear SAURAV in IPL matches. So after reading story of RAB NE BANADI JODI……..it really seems that yashraj production on downside. plz MR. YASH CHOPRA come forward n save us[ur fans]……..


  4. @Gaurav -This is not promotion this is “PANGA” and about “GHAJINI” ,kaun Panga lega . Aamir ki Body dekhi hain ? I thing every one already knew that it a a remake of Tamil movie with the same Title.

    @Amit & Ritesh – We might see Dada in IPLs but i would prefer to watch him hitting sixes for india instead of for Kolkata Knightriders.


  5. Bhaskar,
    Really liked your blog about “We lost two, we won two…..”. It has highlighted many facts.
    I don’t know how much fact is there what you have written because I am have not seen Dravid come back or bhaji, yuvi standing due to Dada. But what I know is Kumble is all time golden person for INDIA team.
    Moreover, its widely said, never compare the two person as both of them are unique.



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