Sooner will a camel pass through a needle’s eye than a great man be “discovered” by an election.

                             Adolf Hitler

 Cricket, Movies and Politics are three strong colonnade in India and we all know they can’t take a back seat and every one has its share of Glamour but this time around when out of these three, mega event of Politics and Cricket is going to be happen in form of Elections and IPL season -2, politics is trying hard to emerge as a most authoritative out of these three.

First  Movies has really taken a set back due to dismal performances of all the much awaited movies of this year and it gets further impacted due to the conflict between Multiplexes and producers on profit sharing issue. The Same movie industry didn’t have any problem with the multiplexes owners till they realized that multiplexes are getting huge amount of profit only due to them. They are forgetting the fact that only due to Multiplexes even an average movie gets its return in its first weekend and long run of movies are not required for movies to consider as a hit. After all in India you have to share your profits but bear all the losses. Producers are not going to return the money to the distributors for their heavy losses in “Chandni Chawk to China” ,“Tasveer 8*10 “,”Drona” and “Love Story 2050” . The list can go on and on….. 

Same is true for IPL also. Every one knows that last year IPL was a huge hit and BCCI got a profit of around 700 crores. But as the profit sharing formula was not working between Central and State government with the BCCI so no one ensured the security during IPL matches due to which IPL is going to happen in SA now. If BCCI had given the share to them, Indian Cricket fans would definitely watch the cricket from the ground in place of watching it in SET MAX. 

Coming back to Movies, as movies are taken a back seat, Bollywood stars are trying there best to be in the lime light. Salman is supporting candidates from different parts and parties of India and Shahrukh, Preity Zinta and Shilpa Sheety is promoting their respective IPL teams.


Some other Bollywood starts, whose career is in the downside are trying there luck in elections. 

Cricketers are not far behind. Some one like Md Azharuddin is going to start his Political Career. Two facts to add about Azhar, he is still accused of the Match fixing saga and he is contesting from one of the toughest seat Moradabad. To win this seat would not be a cake walk for him given the strength of Congress in UP but who knows he might hit the century here also.

Please don’t  read this news as how in Politics morality are falling and disgraced are using politics as a platform to prove that “Even if we are wrong still we can have power “. After all it is not a unique thing in Politics many other accused of murders and different corruption charges are also contesting from different part of India then why can’t Match Fixing Accused Azhar. After all in India you are still innocent until Supreme Court gives his final verdict.

Another Cinestar Sanjay Dutt accused of Mumbai Bomb blast also tried his luck in politics and thank God that Supreme Court didn’t allow him to contest from Lucknow and even her wife is not contesting from this seat. At least a lesson to some other accused like Pappu Yadav and Shahabuddin, their wife’s are contesting the election on their behalf.


In the same time Varun Gandhi who once termed as young Atal Bihari Vajpayee due to his interest in Poetries, is now accused under NSA (National Security Act). Act which is not imposed on any public figure in the past few years. It was not EVEN imposed on Raj Thakrey last year.

Meanwhile all the political parties have opened all their options for after post poll alliance.

NDA is keeping their fingers crossed and keeping close eye on Jayalalitha and Mayawati. On the same time Sharad Pawar knows that it is the last chance for him to fulfill his desire of becoming Prime Minister so he is friendly with all the fronts.

Mayawati is banking on the 80 seats of UP. She knows that 35+ seats in UP means she could be the Queen this time not the regular king maker but the alliance of Mulayam, Lalu and Ram Vilas is trying hard to ensure that that have the strength to challenge Mayawati.

Meanwhile SP is saying that once they will come to power the mall culture and Computerization of organization will be minimal. Although it is a different point all together that how can such a small party announces their manifesto for the national election and that too in the era of alliance politics. Even every one is sure that the manifesto of BJP would also be only on papers if they come to the power.

Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh is another topic of debate in the ongoing election process. Some one is accusing him as the weakest PM and some one is saying him the Sher-E-Punjab. “Prime Minister in waiting” Lal Krishna Advani is saying that he was not aware of the fact that terrorist were going to be released for the Kandhar Hijack issue. Although even a common man was aware of all the activities thanks to different media channels.

Mean While Narendra Modi is not sure whether Congress is ‘Budhiya’ or ‘Gudiya’ and Rahul Gandhi feels that BJP is more menacing for this nation than the terrorists. But the actual fact is that for the future of Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi to emerge as a strongest leader from their respective party a hanged and inconclusive assembly after this election is must, so that they can come as a front runner for the PM post by 2011-2012 elections.


It seems that this GAME of Politics is much more thrilling than any T-20 match and more interesting than any movie.

We know that a cricketer can’t be a good actor and Actors can’t be a cricketer also. But it is politics which ultimately gives shelter to all these actors and cricketers and yes…. Politicians can act (come out side of ur house u would definitely see some acting skills of candidates contesting this time in your area) and even play cricket (they are so perfect in this number GAME that they know how to achieve their targets and in this way they are much better than John Buchanan for planning strategies and they will definitely solve the post poll situation much easier than any cricketer solves D/L method). 

“Cricket and Movies have power of Glamour but politics has the glamour of Power “                                                                                                                               Bha∫kar



 *** – IPL is getting started from 18th Apr 09 and I am going to Support Mumbai Indians also I would love to see Kings XI Punjab at the bottom of the league table.

Another important thing is please have a look on the helmet of Rajsthan Royals you will definitely find some thing very different.


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