Love of My Life

“Love is like a violin. The music may stop now and then, but the strings remain forever.”

Its confession time now. I fall in love, not once but twice. Actually some times Love follows you and you can’t escape. The same thing happened to me twice. I fall in love, I hold back my feelings but I fall in Love again and I don’t have regrets about this. The only rue from my side is that I couldn’t acknowledge the same to both the girls.

Apun jaise tapori ko kya malum
Sala pyaar kis chidiya ka naam tha
Lukkha giri karke apna timepass hota tha
Bidi paan chaye milta bus apun khush
yeh pyar ka lafda locha kaye ko kaye ko ……..are kaye ko re

Phir bole to ek din apum ke mohalle main hema aayi
Sala apun ka khopdi chakkar kha gaya
Truck ke saath bhi sala takkar kha gaya…..

It was the winter of 2004-05, I first saw her but it was not love at first sight. I felt some thing peculiar but couldn’t understand what that was? I tried to discover this new feeling creeping deep inside my heart but only after six months I discovered it was Love. The feeling was some thing very different, some thing very Special and the feeling amplifies exponentially even today. Her smile is worth of lakhs. Her face is so cute that you can’t look anyone else but her, if she is around. One day I took her photograph secretly.

Ayala kya soorat hain vo kya kahte hain
Haan julphen kya julphen hain
Chalti hain ek dum hawa ke mafik
Aakhein aisi ki ruka de traffic
Apun socha apun ka beda paar ho gaya
Bole to baap, sala apun ko bhi pyaar ho gaya

I always tried to find reasons to be near by her. We started talking, even sometimes we danced together but never got the GUTS to say what I feel about her.
I tried to express my feelings to her but failed. Every time I tried to tell her how much I love her, she always ignored me .Deep inside my heart there is a thought that may be she knows how much I love her. May be she feels the same what I feel about her or may be some day I will able to tell her how much I love her.

din bhar apun uski khidi ke neechu
koi lafda nahi kuch nahi
Teen din na azzeb se lada na roshan se panga
bus choop chap

And Just like Munna Bhai in 2007 “mere life me Aishwarya aayi “and I again fall in love. This time I knew from the start that it was Love. I was almost in the situation of Shahid Kapoor of “Dil Maange More “. I tried to forgot the first girl but can’t and I tried to ignore this one but failed again. .There is a saying that “ You can’t compare between your eyes” and this was the similar situation. Even today I am not sure whom I love the most.

Agle din apne mohalle main aishwarya aayi…
Apna khopdi phir chakkar kha gaya
sar truck ke saath phir chakkar kha gaya

So my love game started again. She smiles, I smile. She laughs I laugh .Sometimes when she is around you know there is nothing in the world but to see her. I tried to have a friendship with her also and somehow succeeded again. I bought gifts to pamper her. She accepted the Gift but didn’t ask me, why I bought this for her. We went for a long walk but even that time I didn’t told her, that I love her. That day I asked for her photographs and she reciprocated positively. That photograph is always with me.

Now I have decided that may be I don’t have the courage to tell the Girls about my feelings towards them on their faces but I can use this forum to express my feelings .At least I will feel at ease after that..

So my Lovely Ladies, here are your photograph which I took and always kept that with me.
“I Love you both and will love you both forever “.



2 thoughts on “Love of My Life

  1. Bhaskar,
    As far I know you, i have predicted the end of the story. But again I was wrong, your picture (Kushi and gungun) was really a sweet ending.
    Since story was simple, but again again you have rocked it.



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