Mausam…a timeless love story

On Valentine Day , the first look of Pankaj Kapoor’s Directorial debut “Mausam” is revealed.
Pankaj Kapoor is one of the most maverick actor in Hindi Cinema and by the first look of the movie , if anything to conclude, movie could well be refreshingly different too.

If Shahid Kapoor with Mustache is not enough for you to Buy a movie ticket of Mausam ,here is Sonam Kapoor with her anti “Aisha” look, with a strong resemblance of “Love AAJ KAL’s character Harleen Kaur .

The Story of the movie is still kept undisclosed except that Shahid is playing a character of an Army Officer but i guess the look of the movie is enough to creat a strong BUZZ for the movie .


One thought on “Mausam…a timeless love story

  1. I cant wait enough to watch this movie…..both look great together…The best part is that Noone is actually aware of the story…which itself create so much excitement for the film…


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