Arranged Love Marriage

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon and I was lying on the sofa slothfully just like a pig in the mud. Eyes were trying hard to remain open and oscillating between different stages of closure.Remote in left hand was held with minimum grip and keys were randomly pressed to surf TV channels. Right hand was placed across the neck to support the head against side arm of Couch.

“This is bliss, this is what I also wanted to do and this is what I always craved for. Live a life of unseen and unknown with no rule, with no such agenda for the day or week or month or even for a life”

But Luxuries are not meant to be permanent and that’s why God has created Friends, to get disturbed at odd times and I was no different. My phone rang and I ignored. It ranged again and I ignored again. It ranged again and I ignored again. But at last phone won . The person on the other end continued calling me and till my slackness lost. It ranged again and this time I just couldn’t ignore it. I stood fumingly like Lord Vishnu came out of his “Yog Nindra” and took the phone. Rakshas was calling.

Yes, ’Rakshas’ was name of my friend and i am using ‘Was’for him because at that moment,once he forced me to come out of my“Yog Nindra”, he ceased to remain my friend anymore. Rakshas was not the name given by his parents to him and he must had some other name but on fresher’s day when he ate 23 naans, unlimited leg pieces of chicken and 20 plus rasgullas, we started calling him Rakshas.
“What happened?” I asked directly. No need to be formal with Rakshas. There was a pause from other side.
“Hello “ I asked again.
“Beta, this is me, your uncle. Vyas’s Dad “Voice from the other side replied.
“Vyas !!!” I questioned
“Ok, So Rakshas’s real name is Vyas. Vyas and Rakshas ? What an irony!! A Guy, for whom writing something means writing the phone numbers and filthy shayaris in Train’s washroom had got the name Vyas from his Parents.” I thought
“Sorry Uncle. I couldn’t recognize your voice. How are you?”I asked
“Perfect Son. Called you to inform you that your friend’s marriage is fixed. “ Rakshas’s dad replied from other end. Just by hearing his voice, it was clear that he was beaming with Joy.
“With the same Girl, whose profile you sent to us” He added.
“Really?” I smiled
“Yes “
“That’s great Uncle. Where is Rakshas, I mean Vyas. Let me congrats him “I fixed my goof up.
“Yes, now talk to your friend “Rakshas’s dad handed over the phone to Rakshas.
“Hello “ Rakshas replied from other end
“So ?” I asked
“So , what ?” He asked
“So ,what happened , tell me “ I asked again
“Nothing. You know everything. Her father came few days back and today they all came to meet us. She is good and both families like each other. My family like her too, so I agreed “ Rakshas told everything in few lines.
“Okay, fine. I would be happier with more description. But anyways, give the phone to Aunty. Let me hear from her about her would be daughter-in-law’” I replied.
I talk to Rakshas’s mom for a while and dropped the call.
After few minutes, my phone rang again. I smiled this time.

Two months back from Today

I was in Ahmedabad for some office work and went to meet Rakshas, who lived with his parents in Ahmedabad. On dining table, his mother started the conversation.
“Beta, Tell your friend to get married. I don’t know, what is he thinking about, whether he really wanted to get married. All of his friends are already married but every time we saw her any girl’s profile, he came up with a new reason for rejection. I don’t know, from where can I get Katrina Kaif for him.” Aunty said in a single breath.

“Every Mother wants Katrina kaif for his son, even if his son is chris gayle” I thought

“What is he saying?” I asked lightly looking at Rakshas. As usual he was busy with his dinner.
“Nothing, he doesn’t like any profile and he has enough reasons for that” She replied with angst
“Have you asked? He might be in relationship with some girl” I quipped looking at Rakshas.
Rakshas gave me angry look this time.
“Is there any girl in your life?” I asked Rakshas
“Finish your meal first and pass me the chicken bowl “He replied
“No Doubt, there is so much starvation in India” I thought
“No Son. My Son is not like this. He will marry a Girl of my choice only. We like arrange marriage only. In any case there is no future of love marriages. Most of the unsuccessful marriages are love marriages. Every day we hear a new such story in our society.” Rakshas’s mom interrupted.
“Moreover Son, how can you all decide, what’s good for you and our family. You may decide for yourself but marriage is not about two individuals, it’s about alliance of two families and when it comes to family, Parents are the better judge.” This time Uncle argued.
“That’s fine Uncle. No one wants to get married without their families’ approval .Only Parents need to understand that happiness of their Son or daughter is more important than their family or the acceptance in the society.” I was arguing as if I was the only hope of Love birds whose curative petition is also rejected by Supreme Court.
“It’s an endless discussion,Son. Looks like you have found a girl for yourself “Aunty chuckled.

In reality there was no Girl in the radius of 5 KM , who ever passed on smile at me but I acted as if what Aunty was saying is true and I was always surrounded by Girls just like the Guy in the ad of AXE deodorant.
“Ok, Do what ever you want to do for yourself. But our suggestion is to go for Arranged marriage only , just like we are looking for a girl for your friend.” Uncle concluded the Parliament Session .
“Talk to him once and let us know what exactly he is looking in a Girl “Aunty added
“Okay Aunty. But right now he is looking for Chicken “ I replied by looking at Rakshas, whose eyes were set at the last leg piece of chicken left in the bowl.
Everyone laughed.
After talking to Rakshas for few hours alone, I went to meet Rakshas’s parent again before leaving.
“He is fine with your choice only Aunty” I replied
“Please contact your marriage bureau person and mention that what exactly you want in your daughter in law. They will help you out.” I added.
“That is already being done, Son. But somehow either we don’t like the profile or Vyas rejects it.I don’t know, what type of Girl your generation wants. In our generation, compromise was the key.We are still adjusting with partners of our parents’choice” Uncle gave a dirty look at Aunty and smiled.
Aunty gave him the anger look too but before their arguments to get started, i interrupted.
“And what about Online marriage sites?. You can get in touch with the profile, which you like” I asked
“That we don’t know. If you have some time, create a profile for Vyas and let us know, if someone contacts you”Uncle replied
“Okay Uncle” I concluded the meeting and left.

45 Days back from Today

“Yes Son, out of these profiles, I like the profile of 2-3 girls. Let me check with Vyas’s dad and then I will let you know, what to do next. “Aunty replied from phone.
After few days, Aunty called me again.
“Beta, call Mr Das. Her girl is very pretty and family looks good too. We liked her” She said
“Have you asked Rakshas, I mean your Son ?” I replied, again forgot the name of Rakshas
“Yes, he said that he has no problem with it. “ Aunty replied
“Great Aunty. I will call Mr Das ,to talk to Uncle and arrange meeting”

15 days back from Today

“He came today. Looks like a nice Gentleman. Family is good too. “Uncle answered from other end to me.
“Great. But why are you sounding so low?” I asked
“Yes, after last incident. I am not so hopeful. “Uncle replied in low tone.
“Put aside that incident Uncle, it’s good, that everything finished so early. Anyway I forgot, what does his girl doing? “I asked
“She is working in Delhi”
“Any other proposals which have come?”I asked
“Yes, there are few, all are in initial stage. Let see” Uncle replied
And After few minutes of silence,Uncle came with the golden words, which I hate the most
“Marriages are made in Heaven. Who are we to play Cupid in it? If it’s destined, it will happen automatically.”
I heard it, gnashed my teeth, clenched my fist and dropped the call.

30 days back from Today

“I don’t know, what actually happened. From the very first day, Mr Das was sounding very immature to me but I ignored. His antics, way of talking and everything else, I was not very comfortable with but still I ignored. But in the morning when he called me, It confirmed my gut feeling that I can’t marry my son in his family” Uncle told me
“What exactly, happened Uncle?”
“His family is very good, no to doubt about that. His daughter is also nice. She would look good with Vyas. “
“Then, what was the problem?”
“He told that he was looking for a guy with height more than 6 feet as Vyas is 5 feet 10inches only so he would not go ahead for the alliance further “Uncle revealed
“Is it? How silly it sounds? “I said
“Anyways, it’s his choice. After all it’s about marriage of his daughter” Uncle added
“Yes, but it was weird Uncle. “
“Yes, I agree.”
“He could have said the same during his first meeting .”
“Yes, Let’s see. This was the only girl for which Vyas agreed instantly.“Uncle said
“But, her father rejected him “I said and dropped the call and laughed out loud.
The smile on my face was not subsiding even after hours of the call.

7 days back from Today

“Yes, everything looks good. They will come in a week with the Girl. Let’s see how thing goes.” Aunty updated me this time.
“What about your Son? Have he seen the profile of the girl?” I asked
“Don’t you talk to him “
“Yes, I do but he never tells me anything. He Just told me that he is happy with whatever girl you all will choose for her “ I told
“Oh, Such a sweetheart. For him, our happiness comes first. He is fine with this profile too although it’s not good as Das’s daughter.” Aunty replied
“But they rejected your Son ” I replied with normal tone although from inside i was smiling .
“Yes, That’s true. After that incident, i am also not very confident about this alliance. Who knows, what they dislike about Vyas ? May be we are overlooking something , which any Girl’s family will look in my Son ” She replied
“Do you think , he is over weight ?” Aunty added
“Yes, I mean no, not at all Aunty” I replied, i was feeling great on the other side of Phone.
“Although Girls these days like Guys with a good physique” I added, so that question remained in Aunty’s mind.
“Is his height a problem ?” She asked again
“Yes, i bit. But shoes with high heels can be used ” I replied
“And his Job ? Do you think , his career growth is fine , compared to his other friends ? ” She queried again
“It’s not bad Aunty. There are only last week of the month , when he has some money crunch, else every thing is fine. Moreover, you all are with if , in case of any financial crisis” I added a salt in the wound.
At that, time i was thinking , this call to be continued forever. There was sadistic pleasure in each of her questions to me.
But as Aunty didn’t get much confidence from any of my answers. She concluded the query session.
“Ok Son, Let’s hope for the best. If They like my Son, I will get him marry as soon as it’s possible. ”

3 months back from Today

“Hey, I am coming to meet you, this Saturday” I got a text from Rakshas
“Really!!! The guy, who never called me for last 3-4 months, is coming to meet me, all of a sudden. There must be something fishy” I thought
“What’s a need to show your face to me? My Bad 🙂 . Anyways , if you are still coming , make sure there are enough balance in your Credit and Debit card.It’s month end and I don’t have money , especially to spend on you .Also come with dozen of chickens, I don’t have chicken form house 🙂 “ I replied
When Rakshas came to my flat, my first question to him was “Tell me the story”
“What story, I came to meet you. We never met for such a long time” Rakshas replied
“Chicken is in the Freezer, if you want to eat that, tell me the reason “I asked again. I had prior experience that Food was the only way to get secret out of Rakshas and Rakshas had not changed over time.
After cracking dozen of leg bones, Rakshas started.
“Her name is Mille. We met through Facebook during my Post graduation days and liked each other instantly. She is working in your City now, so I came to meet her “Rakshas divulged the details.
“And also to meet you “He added with a sly smile.
I heard, I shocked, I got jealous and I looked for something around. I found my slippers lying near by Bed. I stretched my hand, took the slipper from my left hand and threw it directly towards Rakshas. Rakshas was late to react and the slipper hit him directly on the face. Before he could react further, I clenched my fist and pounced on him and started hitting him.
“And you were saying that you came to meet me,But in reality this love story was going on and on for last 3-4 years and I was solacing myself for years that at least no girls were looking at you too, just like me. “ I was still hitting him.
“I am sorry. Forgive me “Rakshas replied with titter of giggles and tried to hold my hand
“I will only stop, if you assure me that i am going with you to meet her” I replied
“Ok, tomorrow for Sure.” Rakshas replied
“And if I like her then you will not come in my way “I added
“Ok, only if she likes you too “Rakshas giggled

Next day we went to meet Mille. Rakshas had already showed me few pictures of Mille and she was very pretty. Needless to say Rakshas had hit the jackpot and in other words, “Langoor ke haath me Angoor”.
I took more time to get ready than Rakshas, who just wore a pair of denims. After taking more than one hour to get ready, we went to the mall, where our meeting was planned. Mille was already waiting for us. Rakshas raised his hand after seeing her from distance. I followed his eyes and it was intersecting a very good looking girl.
“Is this monkey, going to get this Girl?” I thought .
After sharing the pleasantries, we all sat. Mille was talking to Rakshas, in between she was looking at me and smiling. I was looking at both of them, shell shocked that even Rakshas had got his Girl.
“What happened? Why are you so quiet? “ Mille asked me with a smile
“Nothing.” I was still in the trauma.
“Vyas has told me so many things about you. How both of you were partner in Crime in lot of incidents. “Mille added
I smiled only.
“Friends? “ She put her hand forward towards me and my heart Sank.
“My pleasure” I hold her hand.
Then I looked at both of them, as expected Rakshas was quizzing the menu, for items to order.
“Since last night,once Rakshas told me about you, I have not slept. When I saw your picture, I thought to delude him for you came in my mind. When I saw you from distance, I was jealous that this Guy is not single anymore but now for last few minutes, when I saw both of you talking, the feeling is changed.Fire has subsided.I am feeling happy for both of you, but still a little envy of this Fatso.” I confessed

I looked at both of them, both were smiling.
“Now get married “I spoke loudly. Both smiled.
“Why, aren’t you both serious? If not, please tell me, Mille, I am in the queue” I added
“No, no, we do want to get married but ….” Mille replied
“But..?” I asked
“Family problem?” I added
Both nodded.
“Inter Caste marriage? Great, I don’t have any problem in Inter Caste Marriage “I replied looking at Mille.
“We both are from same caste “Mille replied
“Both our families are against Love marriage “Rakshas said, for the first time he looked at someone except Food or mille.
“But why?”
“My sister had a love marriage, which is not very successful “Mille said
“And you know my family. I am the only child and my parents want me to get married for their choice and they are quiet rigid on it.” Rakshas added
“Have you talked with them?” I asked
“No, but I tried to give them some hints but they are firm on arranged marriage” Rakshas replied
“Ok, let’s have some food and then plan something” I said.
“Yes, it seems I am also very hungry “Rakshas said and we laughed.

The Plan

“Have your parents seen more movies than you “I asked
“Are their minds more corrupt than us?” I asked
“Are they naive enough to get bluffed?”
“Yes, they are”
I smiled and we planned.
“We need a profile of a very good looking Girl and Boy, doing very well in their respective careers.” I said
“And a middle age person or couple, who would act as parents of that Girl and Boy “I added
“Done. It will be arranged. “Rakshas said looking at me
“And they will insult your parents ” I added
“No” Both replied in Unison.
“I mean, they will not insult your parents, but you both actually.” I clarified.
“Make them feel like, their children are most underachieved person in their generation” I added
“That, Their Son and Daughter are the one, to whom , no one wants to get married.”
“Means, hit hard on their confidence on us ” Mille said
“Bang on ” I replied
“Any then introduce our parents to each other” Rakshas replied
“Yes…And my role will be of the introducer “I added
“Better, take a help of one of your friend too “Rakshas said to Mille.
“And if she is good looking. Give her my number “I added
“Great. So come to my city in a week or two” Rakshas concluded.

I received the call, it was Mille.


Lafange Parinde

It’s long time that I shared my Bollywood GYAAN with you all and it’s really sad if the readers of are not updated about upcoming releases. 🙂
Bollywood is changing and so are the movie titles. “Lafange Parinde” is the tentative title of the upcoming Yashraj Banners’ movie, staring Deepika Padukone and Neil Nitin Mukesh. The movie is going to be directed by Pradeep Sarkar, who mesmerized us with his directorial debut “Parineeta” and again mesmerized us but in the negative way with “Laaga Chunari Mein Daag”. The shooting is still going on, so only by the year end the movie will face the audience. But the title of the movie and fresh pairing of Deepika and Neil Nitin Mukesh is enough to keep an eye on all the happening about this movie. I will keep posted about other details of the movie soon.
Another Yashraj movie, coming with its catchy title is “Badmaash Company”, staring Shahid Kapoor and Anushka Sharma of ‘Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi “fame. This move will hit the screens in May 2010. By the first look of the movie it’s going to be triumph story of four people same where in the line of “Babli aur Bunty”. The tag line of the movie is “They did all the wrong things in Right way “, reflects what exactly stored for the viewer. Although Shahid is the heart throb of the nation but still I feel he still lacks the special punch which storms the Box office merely by his presence. “Kaminey” was the exception but that was due to the title, the “Dhan Te Naan “song and the interesting promos.

But the movie I am waiting for with holding my breath is Mani Ratnam’s adaptation of “Ramayana” titled “Raavan “ , staring Abhishek Bachchan in the title role , with the supporting cast of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Govinda and Vikram ( Aparichit fame ) as Lord Rama .It is said that ‘Raavan’ is apparently a fresh day take on the ‘Ramayana’. Mani Ratnam had earlier directed Thalapathi, which bore close resemblance to the Mahabharata. If sources to be believed . The story of the film goes like this:

Abhishek Bachchan’s sister gets publicly disgraced by the role played by Vikram. To take revenge, a fuming Abhishek enters Vikram’s house. But he doesn’t find Vikram there. Wishing to teach him a lesson, Abhishek kidnaps Vikram’s wife, which is played by Aishwarya Rai.He knows that police was chasing him, so he hides in the nearby jungle. And here the story takes ‘U’ turn, when both Abhi-Ash fall in love. According to rumor mill, the role played by Govinda is inspired by ‘Hanuman’ from Ramayana who helps Vikram to reach Abhishek.

Seems very exciting. It’s a proven fact that it is Mani Ratnam who always gets the Best out of Abhishek Bachchan. So can’t wait for this movie to get reelased. The movie is releaseing on 18th June 2010 and I will try to see this movie before any reviews comes out. Just think about the words “Chalo Raavan dekhne chalet hain

The biggest release of this summer is definitely Hrithik Roshan starrer Kites . Although teaser of the movie is already out but I haven’t seen the promos yet and as per my information the reviews for the rushes are also mixed. If every thing goes well the movie will hit the screen on 21st May 2010.But the way things are moving it’s not a good omen for the movie. But a treat for Hrithik’s fan for sure.

I just show the teaser for the first time and i loved it 🙂

The biggest release of the summer after Hrithik starrer “Kites “ is definitely Prakash Jha’s next movie “Raajneeti “ . I watched the promo of the movie and I must say summer will be hotter with this release. Ranbir Kapoor, Ajay Devgan , Arjun Rampal, Manoj Bajpeyee, Naseeruddin Shah, Nana Patekar and above all Katrina Kaif , all are looking in there never seen before Avtaar. Prakash Jha had said in one of his interview that many actors might get National Award for this movie specially Katrina Kaif , who is imitating “Sonia Gandhi”.

Another movie I hugely recommend is Dibakar Banerjee third outing after “Khosla kaa Ghosla “ and “Oye Lucky , Lucky Oye “ is “LSD” . Heard that the whole movie is shoot with digicam only. Movie is releaseing in Apr 2010; just watch it for Dibakar Banerjee.


Now one movie I appeal you all , please not watch is “Housefull” staring Akshay Kumar, Deepika Padukone, Lara Dutta, Ritesh Desmukh, Arjun Rampal and Jiah Khan. I always believe that a movie is outcome of lot of hard work so one should always be open minded about every movie without any prejudice. But this time I can’t resist. “Housefull” is directed by “Sajid Khan “, the man I hate most in the movie industry. I wish this could turn out as the “Sajid Khan is Aag “ for 2010 or “Tashan “ of 2010 . But I won’t mind movie getting half star.


*** I have started using “Twitter “now a day. I had created the account one year back but only for the last 2 week, I am using it on regular basis and just cursing myself that what I missed by ignoring it in the past.
It is simple, it is interesting, it is fun and the best thing about twitter is that, I don’t need to think about what to post and when to post, like my Blogs. (Believe it or not, I got mentally exhausted after completing my last blog “Sin Connection”) . Blog takes everything out of you. But twits are like following your heart. Write what ever you like, without giving a second though to that.
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I was giving the excuse that I can’t handle so many Social Networking tools, Orkut and Face book are still standing high in the social networking fields. But that doesn’t mean that we should be adamant to the good change , the very different tool twitter. After all even Bollywood had accepted Ranbir Kapoor even if Shahrukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan are still delivering the hits.