Nostalgic Affairs

I have developed a very unique habit of not dreaming in nights. Dreams always come in Daytime for me and that too with Open Eyes. As my bay is in such a location that even Vasko-de-gama would take atleast 2 days to locate me in the Office so it’s obvious that most of my dreams come in Office hours.

And in one of my day dream, some one put the ear phones in my ears and played this Tamil song.

Oru naal sirithaen,
Maru naal veruthaen,
Unnai naan kollamal kondru puthaithaeney,

And when I enquired him the significance of the song, he vanished and I came out of the dream.
I Googled (This is the new thesaurus for “Search “in my dictionary. This is my blog space and I can write what ever I want.) about this song, I got to know that the song is from the movie “Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya” and when I googled it’s meaning, I was sure that it is a high time to write something about my love affairs and how I ignored them.

During my School days my teachers always used to put this comment in my Scorecard ”Attendance is very poor. Give attention on the attendance also “
Actually my attendances were not more than 50 % or even lesser. I always used to get ride of this problem because of my satisfactory performance in all the Class Tests but the actual reason behind my absence from the class was always Cricket matches. Be it a One-Dayer, Test, Rain Affected matches or match between any countries, I had to be in front of TV. Cricket was my first love during those days and I was the live example of Coca Cola’s slogan “Eat Cricket, Sleep Cricket, Drink only Thanda Pani “.
During those times I also developed crush on one activity, collecting different types of Pens. Be it an Ink Pen, Ball Pen, Gel Pen or what ever. When ever Sachin Tendulkar or Javagal Srinath allowed me to do something other than watching them on TV, I used to buy different types of pens.
Reynolds, Rotomac, with its catchy tag line “Rotomac, Likhte Likhte Love ho Jaye “
Rotomac –Fighter (Kyunki Fighter hamesha Jeet taa hain), Reynolds-Jettar, Ad-Gel, Write-o-meter (10 Km chalne wala pen). Although not a single pen was worth more than Rs 25 but I never felt my self any less than Indian liquor baron Vijay Mallya. Later I developed such a bonding with one particular pen that I wrote with that same brand of pen for more than 2 years.
Other than Cricket and collecting Pens my another occupation was General Knowledge and At one point of time my General Knowledge was so good that I used to represent my School in the District level Quiz competition for the higher classes. Name any State or any country and I was atleast able to tell its capitals and all the important personalities from that place.

Time Changes and so does my love affairs.

Cricket took a back seat. Pens are replaced by Keyboard and about my General Knowledge , please don’t ask me the governor of the state where I am at the moment , I need to Google(My blog space , my word  ) it.
I even forgot the name of the pen I used for more than 2 years, only thing I remember that I used to go 16 Kms just to buy that pen, because that was the only shop were they had that particular Pen and one time I ordered the shop owner for 20 similar pens and he looked at me as if I just ran away from the Agra Mental Hospital.
Cricket too doesn’t excite me that much, my Notepad with the scorecard of each and every match India had played and Statistics of all the big players had lost some where. And about General Knowledge it is limited to Who is getting what Appraiser rating? , Who is switching to which company? Who is going outside India? Which pairs are friends only or more than that?

Now a Days even in most slothful Sunday I won’t prefer to watch a full cricket match. If I have to sign at some place then I have to search like a CID in my whole house for a pen. Some years back I knew the foreign minister of other countries too and now if some one enquires me about the foreign minister of India, I might need multiple choices to answer that.

One thing I forgot, the meaning of that part of song is

One day I smiled,
The next day I was frustrated
I buried you without killing you.
Will you forgive me? Will you forgive me? Will you forgive me?


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